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Aion Kinah Guide

July 1st, 2020

Aion Mastery Kinah Guide1. Aion Mastery Kinah Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Aion Mastery isn’t the best Aion leveling guide but it’s a very strong kinah making guide. It’s more detailed than anything you’ll find for free and obviously the author really knows what he’s talking about. While I can’t recommend it as the absolutely best kinah making guide, in my opinion it has what it takes to compete with Killerguides Kinah Guide. I was debating whether to rank it first or second but I think it might be even better than Killerguides guide, especially because you can also get leveling guides with it.

My recommendation is to get both Aion Mastery and Killerguides kinah guides as they compliment each other very nicely, but I doubt you want to spend money on two guides so this time I’ll leave the decision about which one to get to you: both of these kinah guides are good and either one will undoubtedly help you become a wealthy player.

Killerguides Aion Kinah Guide2. Killerguides Aion Kinah Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Killerguides’ Aion Kinah Guide is currently the top kinah-making guide for this game. The info found on various forums and fansites is not only scarce but also nearly useless, but that’s where this guide, solely dedicated to making kinah in Aion steps in. It has numerous techniques and tips for players of all levels and game experience. The best part in the guide (at least for me) was that I could start using some of these strategies as early as level 1. Basically, the tips in the guide range from auction house tricks, PvPvE, elite monster farming, grinding in groups as well as solo, high-level farming and more. This guide really helped me learn how kinah farming isn’t just endless grinding but can also be quite fun and not to mention highly rewarding — now I have one less thing to worry about. My recommendation!

Kozen's Aion Mastery Guide

3. Kozen’s Aion Mastery Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Kozen’s Aion Mastery Guide, in addition to other guides also includes a kinah making guide. Despite the fact that Kozen’s Aion guide is probably the best leveling guide you can get, and it does have a very useful kinah guide, Killerguides kinah guide is dedicated only to this aspect of the game and as such is more detailed and covers more areas about making money in Aion. Perhaps in time with additional updates Kozen’s guide will be able to compete with other kinah making guides, but for now I can’t help but give Killerguides Aion Kinah Guide and Aion Mastery Kinah Guide a better rating.

Aion Wealth Kinah Guide4. Aion Wealth Kinah Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Aion Wealth is the latest kinah making guide and I’m afraid hardly the best. Most of the tips found can either be found in other guides as well or is just generic kinah making information without any specific items or materials you can sell. Aion Wealth focuses more on how to sell rather than what to sell, which I guess is useful for newbies but less for everyone else. Check out the top two kinah guides reviewed above and skip Aion Wealth for now.

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